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Touchdown-David-Pic-from-Emerson-resizeMEET! GREET! EAT! THEN USE THOSE FEET!


Single….Divorced….Married….It’s Complicated?

When you are looking for a unique, engaging 1-2-3 PUNCH for your next social gathering or looking to host a party or major event that attendees will be RAVING ABOUT FOR MONTHS, book Relationship Consultant David Coleman and DJ Johnny B’s Meet…Greet…Eat…Then Use Those Feet! There is no other event of this type in America as David and Johnny are genuinely caring individuals, charismatic and exceptionally talented at what they do, are the best of friends who work effortlessly together and selflessly LOVE enhancing the lives of those around them! So, whether it is for a single’s group, a social or support group for divorced or widowed individuals or a “Spice Up Your Life” event for married couples, David and Johnny will create an aura of excitement that will ignite people’s spirits, boost their confidence, develop their skills and provide them with an amazing opportunity to meet and interact with others.

The event begins with David facilitating a group mixer to break the ice as Johnny fills the room with energy-enhancing music. Then, in an uplifting and engaging manner, David shares his award-winning advice and strategies on dating, relationships, rekindling romance, sex, sensuality, dating after divorce, marriage makeovers, successful socializing and more!  His message will be specifically designed to meet the wants, needs and desires of that particular group, not be a re-run of material he has presented before. THAT IS A PROMISE! The goal is to more than meet your needs and to exceed your expectations while changing lives in the process!  Where is it said that learning can’t be fun and entertainment can’t be life-changing? 

Following David’s show, DJ Johnny B will fire up the room with the hottest dance music being played in the world’s top nightclubs and slow it down to allow for more intimate moments to have their time to shine.  JB is one of Cincinnati’s most-requested DJ’s at nightclubs, weddings, parties and major city-wide events.  His personable style creates immediate rapport with his audience and there isn’t a song he cannot find to meet your every request!

If you want to take your event one step further, upon request Top Las Vegas/New York/Miami Chef Jason Tepper can host a Dining In The Dark event where the participants are shown how to create romantic, sensual dishes and then are invited to indulge in these delicacies in ways that incorporate all of their senses.  This event is so HOT it makes the sun just a little round yellow ball in the sky!

So, you can throw a party like everyone else or throw one like NO ONE ELSE! The choice is yours!

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