Untangle Your Tongue! From Stage Fright To Standing O!

On many lists of the top phobias in the world, the fear of public speaking (Glossophobia) is ranked higher than the fear of death. Meaning, that some people would rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy! Obviously, that is not the case, but it does accentuate the tremendous fear of public speaking many people battle. With the advent of the internet, email, texting and social media, effective and outstanding public speaking is becoming a lost art. Multiple National Speaker of the Year Award Winner, David Coleman, will share his insights and techniques to help you strengthen your public speaking skills and develop a personal presence that will set you apart from others. David will share his tricks of the trade and teach you how to develop and deliver outstanding presentations that will impress, electrify and inspire your audience. Transformational speakers share the innate ability to move people to action via the spoken word. David will help you deliver powerful messages with honor, dignity, respect, integrity and vitality and become more competent and committed to the creation of genuine human verbal interactions. Whether you desire to speak for a living, simply improve your oratory skills, or get that position or promotion by improving your verbal skill set, this session will help you before you walk out the door. Selected audience members will get to show off their abilities and receive an immediate professional critique.

Learning Outcomes: The Audience Will…

• Be able to identify avoid the top ten mistakes public speakers make
• Learn the basic tools of the trade used by outstanding public speakers
• How to overcome stage freight in front of any size audience, be it a small group, the board room or the stage/podium
• Learn to speak to standard, not to time
• Learn how to identify a niche area of interest and expertise and how to develop a topic and content to share it with others
• Learn how to develop immediate rapport with any audience and how to make them the stars of the show

AUDIENCE: Any student, staff or military service member could and would benefit from this program

PRIOR PRESENTATIONS: 3,500 presentations over the past 25 years at over 3,000 colleges, 500 conferences, Military Bases, etc.

AUDIO – VISUAL: Projector and Screen, Tie into House Sound or portable speakers

• Discussion on the fears and hesitations of public speaking (5 min)
• The most common mistakes people make public speaking (10 min)
• Strategies to overcome stage fright (10 min)
• Developing an effective address including the use of humor (15 min),
• 3 minute audience speeches immediately critiqued by David and other participants (15 min)
• Q&A (5min)


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